“Humor has bailed me out of more tight situations than I can think of.  If you go with your instincts and keep your humor, creativity follows.  With luck, success comes, too.”

– Jimmy Buffett

“I owe my success thus far as a voice talent to Marc Preston. He saw my ability and helped me to focus on the skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Marc cultivated my voiceover reel and has produced every voice over audition I have done to date. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned professional, as a voice over talent, working with Marc is a must. His ability to give direction and convey valuable industry information, in a relatable way, to help grow a career are invaluable.”

The first time I met Marc he was auditioning for a feature film we were casting locally and while he was a great actor what also struck me this day was his remarkable tone, tamber, and quality in his speaking voice. My not knowing he was already the pro he is I suggested he go into voiceover work! Ha! I laugh at myself now because flash forward some odd years later he is the ONLY professional I send all of my clients to for an introduction to that world, for a VO audition opportunity, or just for a tune up. Marc is a consummate professional, an excellent mentor, & an all around awesome guy!

“I have known Marc for about five years and know him to be one of the very few working, full time voiceover artists in the state of Louisiana. Marc has been working in the biz for many years and has a wealth of knowledge, both about interpreting scripts AND about handling a career in the biz. He has worked in Dallas and Los Angeles, as well as New Orleans, and is happy to share secrets about developing a roster of clients and keeping them. As a voiceover artist, he has a national presence. Most of his work is on TV stations all around the country, not just in Louisiana. He has a broad understanding of styles of scripts and is good at coaching others. An underlying feel for the script is developed rather than just suggesting a “read.” All in all, I cannot think of a more capable coach!”

“Marc’s intense knowledge of his craft combined with his infallible patients make him one of the most effective teachers I have had the privilege to study under. He has the ability to pin-point small nuances push a voice over the line from amateur to professional. He also has the industry experience to assist in career coaching.”

Dalton Alfortish, Actor | Los Angeles, LA

“Marc helped me learn the business of voice work, gave me the opportunity to practice in a sound booth after every class, and, ultimately, when I was ready, helped me complete a professional quality voice over reel. It is nice to work with someone who actually makes his living as a voice over actor. I can recommend him without hesitation. Thanks Marc.”


I want to thank you for your willingness to share your gifts as a full time working voiceover professional with some of us at the beginning our voiceover journey. Passing forward the mentorships you received from your mentors and tidbits of experience from agents, casting directors, etc. has given me the confidence to go out and try to make a name for myself in this very competitive field.

Marc has state of the art equipment and lets you practice on it. He always finds something good and something to work on in every take. You have a positive attitude and it rubs off on your workout attendees. I have to drive over an hour to attend but it is always worth it because I leave knowing more than when I came and energized to succeed.

Thanks for your time and effort!

“What would it take to be a working voiceover actor? That is what you will learn when you take voiceover classes with Marc Preston. What’s it like to work in a sound booth? That’s the experience you will get in Marc Preston’s class. Great teacher! Great class!”

“As working voice over talent, Marc Preston is teaching his students the professional voice over techniques and standards required by today’s voice over industry clients.”

“Regardless of your level of experience, if you are serious about pursuing opportunities in voiceover work you will find Marc Preston’s training sessions to be an invaluable resource. Marc’s knowledge, accumulated from years of successful experience in the industry, combined with small class sizes in sessions where students have the opportunity to actually record in a professional setting, allows the student to receive individual attention as well as feedback from Marc as well as their peers. This is a program that is designed to not just allow you to learn, but to grow and develop your voiceover talent to whatever level you desire.”

Gregory G. Kurczynski, Director | Orlando, FL